Our Services

ERP Development & Implementation

We undertake development of ERP Solutions for various business domains. Our AdApps specialized frame work helps to develop ERP Solutions for any domain automating the entire process of an organisation.

AdApps Framework has a flexible rule engine that can be used to customize our softwares to adapt the customer processes exactly. This framework was developed using open source technologies to reduce the cost of ownership for our customers.

Our ERP Solutions will give you not just ease of use and simple management but also peace of mind, as all your concerns about data security are laid to rest. It stores all your business critical data with regular backups. This ensures complete data safety. In addition, all the transactions and processing on the system is protected by validated authorities.

Our customized enterprise solutions can assist you to reduce operational costs, extend capabilities, and sustain the profitability through integrating automation in your business processes.

Reports and audit logs verify compliance with internal policies and accreditation requirements.

Stability & Scalability

Our ERP Solutions are stable and scalable as it is strategically designed and developed to enable users to scale up the system as their business grows, because we are using widely accepted and proven technologies.


Functionally and technically our ERP Solutions are extendable. Our work flow engine and rule engine facilitates easy customisation. Multilayer & reusable architecture helps to adopt technology and process changes easily.


We customize our software based on your process. We will make sure your process is implemented through our application, so that it is easy for the end users.