Adroit Soft India Pvt Ltd

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Application for Online Doctor Consultation through Phone by Video & Chat Launched                                                                                  Application for Online Doctor Consultation through Phone by Video & Chat Launched

Adroit Soft India Pvt. Ltd. is a growing IT services organization based in Chennai, India, providing value-added, software-led IT solutions and services to large, medium and small size organizations. Our commitment, customer satisfaction, technical expertise, corporate value and transparency have made us a preferred vendor to our clients.

Our Features

Open Source Technologies

Cost of product maintenance is very less due to usage of open source technologies and there is reduction in operational & inventory cost

Highly Customisable

Customised for each business as per their localized requirements

Enterprise Level Solution

All departments of the enterprise can be seemlessly integrated with our product and there is no need to look out for an additional software

Accurate Reporting

Streamlining the accurate reporting with the help of updated and accurate records

Data Privacy & Security

Compliance with current data security regulations & protocols in order to protect data confidentiality & prevent unauthorized access

Easy to Use

Convenient and easy to use effectively regardless of age and computer skills

Why Choose Us

High Customer Satisfaction

  • Consistency and accuracy with faster services leads to improved quality
  • Reduced wait time at various departments

Staff Productivity & Effort Savings

  • Increased communication between departments and employees via the software reduces manual interaction and hence leads to increased productivity
  • Effort thus saved by the staff can be used to complete other productive tasks

Increased Efficiency of Operations

  • Built-in and customisable workflow
  • Tracking of goods, consumables and assets
  • Reduced possibility of human errors
  • Avoidance of costly mistakes

Cost Effective

  • Tracking of assets & consumables helps in preventing loss
  • Improved services and interactions lead to greater precision in plannning and saves time and provides up-to-date information


  • Role based and Data level security ensures access to modules/ departments based on their organisational role
  • Audit Trails

Statutory Compliance & Standards

  • Helps ensure compliance with regional laws and other statutory requirements
  • Adherance to National and Worldwide standards for respective domains


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