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Product Overview

MediSteer is our proprietary web based state-of-the-art product covering all aspects of operations and management of small, medium and large scale hospitals.The product has been built on AdApps platform thereby giving us flexibility to customise the product as per customer needs. Designed by a team of Doctors and Engineers, MediSteer has been developed understanding the day-today problems faced by hospitals, doctors, nurses, technicians and the hospital staff. MediSteer helps in improving operational effectiveness and customer care resulting in reduced costs and medical errors.

There is seamless flow of data between departments of the hospital thereby reducing the time spent by departments for a patient resulting in improved patient care. The customer wait time across departments will be significantly reduced due to seamless integration of processes thereby resulting in higher customer satisfaction and increased staff productivity.

EMR (Electronic Medical Record) facilitates retrieving data quickly and accurately. e-Prescription facilitates tracking of patient's past medication history.

Modules are integrated with stores and purchase to enable tracking of items from purchase to issue for a patient.This facilitates better inventory management. Finance data can be exported from the product toTally.

Being a web based product,the end user can access it from and location and data can be restricted based on privileges given to users.More emphasis has been given to the performance aspects of the product to ensure there is no performance degradation even after several years of usage.

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Modules in CampSteer

Admission Management

  • Scrutiny of Application
  • Course Allocation
  • Capturing Student Demographic Details
  • Capturing Student Personal Details
  • Capturing Student Past Academic Details
  • Attaching Relevant Certificates
  • Generation of ID Card

Fee Management

  • Fee Master and Fee Categories
  • Online Fee Collection
  • Payment Options - One-time / Instalment
  • Fee Type Definition (e.g. Admission Fees, Term Fees)
  • Exam Fees, Transport Fees, Mess Fees, Other Fees)
  • Fee Amount Assignment at Course & Student Level
  • Receipts and Payments, Fine Collection
  • Caution Deposit and Refund


  • Academic Calendar
  • Class Timetable
  • Student Attendance and Absence Details
  • Assignment Details
  • Internal Mark Details
  • Assigning Electives
  • Faculty Allocation

Library Management

  • Member Registration and Card Issue
  • Book Reservation, Issue, Renewal, Return
  • Acquisitions (Ordering, Receiving and Invoicing)
  • Serials (Tracking Magazine and Newspaper)
  • Barcode Generation ,Stock Maintenance
  • Identifying Damaged and Missing Books
  • Fine Calculation and Collection
  • SMS Reminder to Return Book(s)

Hostel Management

  • Member Registration
  • Category based Room and Bed Allocation
  • Student Attendance and Absence Details
  • Visitor Check-in and Check-out Register
  • Room Transfer and Vacate
  • Asset Management
  • Purchase and Stores

Fleet Management

  • Maintaining Vehicle and Driver Details
  • Route Management
  • Distance/Area Based Fee Setup
  • Fee Collection
  • Trip Schedule Register
  • Trip Allocation Register
  • Trip Sheet Register
  • Fuel Tracking


  • Item and Supplier Master
  • Purchase Request,Order
  • Goods Receipt and Issue
  • Goods Return
  • Supplier Settlement
  • Stock Maintenance for Multiple Stores
  • Item Transfer to Other Stores


  • Asset Master Maintenance
  • Auto Creation of Asset during Goods Receipts
  • Asset Tracking
  • Asset Usage
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
  • Asset Expense Details
  • Alert at Various Events
  • •Asset Value Analysis


  • Staff Demographic, Personal Details
  • Staff Qualification, Education details
  • Staff Salary, Bank Details
  • Attendance, Leave
  • Payroll Generation
  • Loans and Advance
  • Statutory Reports


  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • General Ledger
  • Cash/Bank Book
  • Expense / Receipt Summary
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Balance Sheet


  • MIS Reports for Each Module
  • Statutory Reports for Each Module
  • Dash Board
  • Daily Reports
  • Tracking Reports
  • MIS Reports for Each Module
  • Statutory Reports for Each Module


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